Cyber globe

Our businesses are government institutions, large corporations and financial institutions. Various industries must comply with different cyber standards. Organizations must understand their current state of technology and undertake a comprehensive audit of networks, hardware and software, mobility, application development and contingency plans. Skills needed are in network engineering, disaster recovery and business continuity. 

Primary jobs are development, evaluation and implementation of all of current and emerging security technologies including advanced persistent threat analysis tools, identity management, threat visualization tools, firewalls.

Organizations must have the ability to monitor and evaluate threats and quickly determine which threats require action. SOCs (security operations centers) have been developed as a centralized unit to perform this task and can be built and maintained internally or outsourced to an MSSP (managed security service provider). GIAC has created a new standard, GMON, sharing space with the many application-specific certifications out there provided by HP (ArcSight), Cisco, IBM and McAfee. It is also likely the industry will see the emergence of subscription based “monitoring” services for vendors specializing in security.

Once a threat has been identified, it must be isolated, damage and data loss must be assessed and the perpetrator identified. This is the domain of a CIRT (cyberincident response team), which is a multidisciplinary group, also referred to as a red team, comprised of analysts, engineers, digital forensics specialists and reverse malware engineers. A litany of forensic certifications is useful including EnCE, FCE, incident response certifications such as CIRH and malware engineering such as GREM and CCMRE.


We will soon start with the production of special encrypted phones, as well as with Crypto virtual computer with multilayer encryption designed for government organizations, financial organizations and large corporations that want high security of information flow.


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